18 Oct

Chloe is dealing with her first cold.  I suspect it could be because of teeth or just allergies, but we had a rough night last night.  She finally fell into a deeper sleep around 3:45, only to get up at 4:30 to nurse.  She thankfully fell back to sleep and slept until 7.  I’ve taken some friends advice and done a few things to help her sleep tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We both need the rest.  


Pictures as promised:ImagePlaying with Dad’s water bottle before breakfast.

Image“Reading”.  (It’s obviously laundry day here)

ImageHelping Mom with the laundry.

ImageTrying to eat Dad’s trombone case.

ImageAt Nana’s 50th birthday party!

ImageShe is obsessed with the dishwasher.

ImageShe loves being outside.

ImageRipping up all of Daddy’s magazines.

ImageTime to get those crib rail covers.

ImageSo serious.



This girl loves her baths!