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8 Months

7 Sep

Chloe is 8 months old today!  We celebrated by…doing what we do everyday. 

This month has seemed a lot like the previous month, but I think that month 8 is going to be a big one.  The one thing she started doing this month is giving me (and Hunter) “kisses”.  Sometimes, when I give her a kiss, she looks up, grabs my face with both hands…and licks me.  I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a kiss.  And it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  


Clothes: 9 months, but things with legs are almost too short (especially with her cloth diapers on). 

Weight:  Last time I weighed her it was 19.4 lbs.  I don’t know how accurate that is though. 

Height:  Tall.  Everyone who sees her comments on how tall she is.

Solid Food:  She’s recently really started eating.  For instance, today she had a whole cheese stick, 1/4 c of blueberries and 3-4 tbsp of greek yogurt.  Dinner was 4 broccoli florets, 1/3 c. of mac and cheese, 2 orange slices.  Sometimes she isn’t interested and will just throw food around.  The other day she decided it was easier to lick the food off her tray:


Sleeping:  The same.  There have been a couple of weird nights where she wakes up screaming hysterically and once I go in and pick her up for a second she goes back to sleep (teething, I think), but for the most part, still goes to sleep between 7-7:30 wakes up between 4:30-5 to eat and gets up at 6:30. Occasionally, she’ll get up way to early and it makes for a long day, but we survive.  Naps are the same.  

Breastfeeding:  Just the same except she did go through a week of biting.  It was only at her bedtime feeding, but it was intense.  She ended up falling asleep multiple nights without a full feeding.  I was worried but when I called the pediatricians office they told me it was totally normal if a baby was teething.

Teeth:  Still only 2!  I don’t know how it’s possible.  Poor thing has had some rough days this month.  Both her top two teeth and two more on bottom have almost made appearances.  

Movement:  Progress.  We aren’t crawling or scooting, but she is trying.  Now when she’s on her belly, she’s obviously trying to figure it out.  She’s started to push up on her arms a lot more and even tried to grab the railing of her crib the other day. If you put her on all fours, she can hold herself so I think she’ll figure it out soon.  She can pivot around on her belly now and is a lot more adventurous with her grabbing and lunging when she’s sitting up.  

Likes and dislikes are pretty much the same as last month!






Babies and (No) Sleep

2 May

Before I got pregnant, I already loved sleep.  It was well known that I needed 8 hours to function properly.  Any less and I was cranky and fairly useless.  I was pretty nervous about the sleep deprivation I knew I was about to experience.  

Sure, in undergrad I was exceptional at staying up all night–whether it be to study for an exam, write a last minute paper or at a party.  The difference then was that I could sleep all day the next day.  No one depended on me to get up and take care of them.

The first couple of weeks of Chloe’s life are a blur.  A sweet, sleep deprived blur.  Our beautiful little girl, like most newborns, didn’t understand that night time was for sleeping.  There were nights when I got 1-2 hours, total.  Some nights I would get 5-6 broken hours, but that was better than nothing.  She slept in a bassinet in our room, but I took her into the nursery to feed her and soothe her when she was crying so that Hunter could get some rest before work.  There were some nights when she was so fussy that I we would both just pass out in her floor.  Not restful sleep, to say the least.


Knowing my previous need for sleep, you’d think that I would have been completely incapable of functioning, but surprisingly, I was okay.  I was tired, exhausted really, but I took care of my little girl.  I think that your body just does what it has to do because it’s instinct.  People would come over and try to get me to take a nap while they watched her, and I would genuinely try.  For some reason though, I just wanted to be near her.  I knew I’d be able to sleep eventually.

The first time Chloe slept more than 2 hours in a row at night, I woke up in a panic.  Was she breathing?  I’m pretty sure every new mother does the same thing.  As you would expect, she was just fine.  Eventually (around 6 weeks), she started sleeping 6-7 hour stretches and then she started sleeping from 8-5 almost every night!  I was so excited and so much more rested. For a few weeks, most nights were like that.  I got at least 7 straight hours of sleep.  And I got used to it.


Then this weekend, Chloe forgot how to sleep.  I’m pretty sure it just slipped her mind.  Sunday and Monday night we were up every 2 hours.  And she didn’t want to go back to sleep.  She was ready to play.  (Hence why I didn’t blog yesterday.)

Unfortunately, I had grown used to getting adequate amounts of sleep and the whole taking care of a baby while feeling like a zombie thing was foreign.  Also, when babies are itty bitty, they sleep all day so it wasn’t that hard to take care of her.  Now, she needs all kinds of attention and entertainment.  Also, when she doesn’t get enough sleep, she’s a crank.


The only way we got any sleep at the beginning.

In other words, at the end of the day yesterday I felt like I had been in a war zone.  I felt beaten down…by a three month old.  All the crying, yelling (her, not me) and moodiness (both of us) had whittled me down into a tired, hateful mess.  My poor husband had to deal with me and my terrible mood for the rest of the evening.  I’m pretty sure we were both ecstatic when our bedtime rolled around.

The next thing I know, it’s 5:15 and…she’s still asleep.  Was it a fluke?  For everyone who has to encounter me, let’s hope not.


I say all of this to say that sleep is important.  For babies.  For Moms.  For Dads.  For students.  But, you can survive on next to none when you have to.  I know I’ll never have the luxury of sleeping in or taking naps when I want, but that’s okay.  I have her and that’s all that matters.

But if you’re pregnant (or think you might ever want to be pregnant), go take a nap right now.  Seriously, when people tell you to sleep while you can, they mean it!