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One Year Old

14 Jan

Chloe turned one year old last Monday.  Things got busy so I hadn’t had time to blog about it, but here you go:


Today, my baby isn’t a baby.  It’s truly hard to believe that a year has gone by since the Saturday that my water broke in the driveway, I labored for 9 hours without medication and eventually had a c-section since the little booger was breech (and sneaky about it).  I never knew someone so small could bring so much joy into our lives.  

In the past year, not only have I gotten to know our precious girl, she has forced me to really get to know myself.  Chloe has changed our lives for the better and every day I am surprised by what she teaches me.

We don’t have her 12 month appointment for another week or so, but here are her estimated stats:

Height:  30ish inches

Weight: 23-24 lbs?

Food:  This kid eats everything.  She still isn’t too into breakfast, but other than that, she’s like a human trash compactor.  For example, for dinner two nights ago she at a slab of tofu, half a cup of green beans, an entire sweet potato and a clementine.   I’m working hard to give her a variety of foods and to make sure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs.

Breastfeeding: Oh, how things have changed.  The past month has been a transition for us for sure.  Chloe suddenly started refusing her afternoon nursing session.  I was convinced (wrongly) that she was weaning and  subsequently freaked out  but I was wrong.  Now we’re down to 3.5 sessions a day.  Typically she nurses a full feeding at 5:30, half a feeding at 8:30, a full feeding at 11:45 (before naptime) and a full feeding at bedtime.  I give her some breast milk in a sippy cup in the afternoon which she usually drinks happily.  I think she will drop the half feeding when she stops waking up at 5:30 to nurse.  I plan to keep it at 3 sessions for as long as she wants so we don’t have to supplement with other kinds of milk.

Movement and motor skills:  She is so close to walking.  She pulls up on absolutely everything and cruises around.  She got a shape sorter for Christmas and is finally trying to put the shapes in their respective spots (although she always starts by trying to fit everything into the circle hole).  It’s amazing to watch her figure things out, rather than just gnawing and throwing everything (although she does that too).

Communication:  It’s so fun to watch this develop.  She says a few words now (inconsistently).  Kitty (kts or kty), Mama (momomomom), Dada, quack (kak), done (dnnnn), doggie (doooogie). Mostly though, she speaks in her own language.  She raises her arms and flaps her hands if she wants picked up (if that doesn’t work, she tries to climb up my legs).   

Sleep:  Again, things have changed quite a bit here.  Last month I wrote about how we had hit the sweet spot of napping.  I should’ve known that the second I typed that, things would change.  Chloe has made an entirely too  early transition to one nap.  She started completely refusing her first nap or napping for 5 minutes, so I decided to throw in the towel.  She now naps from 11:45ish-1:45ish (on a good day).  With this comes a tiny bit earlier bed time.  Typically now she is asleep by 6:45 and sleeps until 5-5:30, nurses and goes back to sleep until 7:15.  7:15!!!  It feels like such a luxury to wake up and see a 7 instead of a 4, 5, or 6.  However, now that this has consistently been going on, I need to make myself wake up earlier and get some things done around here.

Teeth:  She has 8 (5 on top and 3 on bottom) and is working on 2 more.  Her 1 year molars are coming in and it’s no fun for anyone.

Likes:  her blankie, baths, climbing the stairs, going down her slide, anything musical, clothes, taking off her socks, peanut butter, anything Mommy has, Elmo, opening presents, going for walks

Dislikes:  getting nails clipped, not being allowed to go up the stairs, the word “no”, not being tall enough to climb onto the couch


I’ll do a separate post with pictures later this week!