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One Year Old

14 Jan

Chloe turned one year old last Monday.  Things got busy so I hadn’t had time to blog about it, but here you go:


Today, my baby isn’t a baby.  It’s truly hard to believe that a year has gone by since the Saturday that my water broke in the driveway, I labored for 9 hours without medication and eventually had a c-section since the little booger was breech (and sneaky about it).  I never knew someone so small could bring so much joy into our lives.  

In the past year, not only have I gotten to know our precious girl, she has forced me to really get to know myself.  Chloe has changed our lives for the better and every day I am surprised by what she teaches me.

We don’t have her 12 month appointment for another week or so, but here are her estimated stats:

Height:  30ish inches

Weight: 23-24 lbs?

Food:  This kid eats everything.  She still isn’t too into breakfast, but other than that, she’s like a human trash compactor.  For example, for dinner two nights ago she at a slab of tofu, half a cup of green beans, an entire sweet potato and a clementine.   I’m working hard to give her a variety of foods and to make sure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs.

Breastfeeding: Oh, how things have changed.  The past month has been a transition for us for sure.  Chloe suddenly started refusing her afternoon nursing session.  I was convinced (wrongly) that she was weaning and  subsequently freaked out  but I was wrong.  Now we’re down to 3.5 sessions a day.  Typically she nurses a full feeding at 5:30, half a feeding at 8:30, a full feeding at 11:45 (before naptime) and a full feeding at bedtime.  I give her some breast milk in a sippy cup in the afternoon which she usually drinks happily.  I think she will drop the half feeding when she stops waking up at 5:30 to nurse.  I plan to keep it at 3 sessions for as long as she wants so we don’t have to supplement with other kinds of milk.

Movement and motor skills:  She is so close to walking.  She pulls up on absolutely everything and cruises around.  She got a shape sorter for Christmas and is finally trying to put the shapes in their respective spots (although she always starts by trying to fit everything into the circle hole).  It’s amazing to watch her figure things out, rather than just gnawing and throwing everything (although she does that too).

Communication:  It’s so fun to watch this develop.  She says a few words now (inconsistently).  Kitty (kts or kty), Mama (momomomom), Dada, quack (kak), done (dnnnn), doggie (doooogie). Mostly though, she speaks in her own language.  She raises her arms and flaps her hands if she wants picked up (if that doesn’t work, she tries to climb up my legs).   

Sleep:  Again, things have changed quite a bit here.  Last month I wrote about how we had hit the sweet spot of napping.  I should’ve known that the second I typed that, things would change.  Chloe has made an entirely too  early transition to one nap.  She started completely refusing her first nap or napping for 5 minutes, so I decided to throw in the towel.  She now naps from 11:45ish-1:45ish (on a good day).  With this comes a tiny bit earlier bed time.  Typically now she is asleep by 6:45 and sleeps until 5-5:30, nurses and goes back to sleep until 7:15.  7:15!!!  It feels like such a luxury to wake up and see a 7 instead of a 4, 5, or 6.  However, now that this has consistently been going on, I need to make myself wake up earlier and get some things done around here.

Teeth:  She has 8 (5 on top and 3 on bottom) and is working on 2 more.  Her 1 year molars are coming in and it’s no fun for anyone.

Likes:  her blankie, baths, climbing the stairs, going down her slide, anything musical, clothes, taking off her socks, peanut butter, anything Mommy has, Elmo, opening presents, going for walks

Dislikes:  getting nails clipped, not being allowed to go up the stairs, the word “no”, not being tall enough to climb onto the couch


I’ll do a separate post with pictures later this week!


11 Months; or the Last Month of Babyhood

8 Dec

Chloe hit 11 months on Friday.  Its so hard to believe that I’m almost the Momma of a one year old.  So many things have changed this month!  Her personality comes out a little more each day.

I’ll get right to it:

Weight:  No clue.  I think somewhere around 23 pounds

Height:  Tall.

Food:  We’ve hit a bit of a stand still with food.  She now eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Sometimes she eats a ton, but most of the time she just nibbles around.  She has learned to eat with a spoon and prefers regular size spoons to baby spoons.  It gets messy, but if she really likes something most of it makes it into her mouth.  My goal for this next month is to find some recipes for some new foods for her to have at lunch.  Her favorite food right now is tofu.  I can always count on her eating a big portion of it.  Also, she still loves her post dinner orange.

Breastfeeding:  Still 5 times a day, although her day time sessions have gotten shorter.  Her nap schedule has changed, so she isn’t always nursing herself to sleep and that is probably part of it.  I think she might be able to drop down to 4 sessions but I’m letting her call the shots.

Movement and motor skills:  She’s beginning to pull up more but she’s still not crazy about it.  She’s become a really fast crawler.  She can now clap and it’s absolutely adorable.  When she does something she knows is good, she’ll smile and clap for herself.  She can also throw a ball…or anything that looks like a ball (For instance, potatoes.  She removed all the potatoes out of a ten pound bag and threw them this morning).  She cracks up every time she throws something.  She’s learning what things are for, as well.  When I give her her tooth brush, she tries her hardest to brush her teeth.  It still needs a little work, but it’s cute.

Communication:  Our girl is so chatty.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how much she talks.  I have no clue what she’s saying, but she’s constantly saying something.  She knows who dada and mama are and says dada all the time.  She says mama only when she needs something.  I guess she’s learned our roles early on!  She knows how to let us know what she wants now, which is helpful.

Sleep:  We’ve hit the sweet spot of naps.  Chloe finally dropped down to two naps and will nap for 30-45 minutes in the morning (around 9) and then naps for 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon (around 1).  It took a little work, but now she naps like a champ.  It’s awesome.  Night time sleep is back on track as well.  It’s funny, now that she’s only taking two naps, she’s actually getting more sleep within a 24 hour period.  We have occasional off days (like last night), but for the most part, she sleeps 7-4, nurses, back asleep until 6:30.

Teeth:  She still has 6.  I thought another one had come through, but I imagined it.  Her next bottom two are on their way in though.

Likes:  Her blankie, reading, books, throwing balls, kitties, knocking her food off her tray, drinking water out of a cup, swinging, walks in the Ergo, other kids, wooden puzzles, being “chased” down the hall, bedtime, bathtime, opening and closing doors.

Dislikes:  Getting wiped down after meals, not being able to see Mommy, bananas, car rides, not getting to touch the Christmas tree, being tired, getting teeth.


10 Months

6 Nov

Chloe is 10 months old tomorrow!  Double digits!  She is getting so big.  I’m not sure how much she weighs but I’m guessing around 22 pounds.  

She has really begun to show her likes and dislikes.  If she wants something, she points both her arms at it and moves her legs like crazy.  If she doesn’t get it or if you take something she wants away, she cries SO LOUD.  You can typically distract her with something else, but there are some times when she in inconsolable.  I guess when I thought about parenting, I didn’t realize I would have to begin with discipline and things until she was a bit older.  Hunter and I are having to be really consistent about the things she can and cannot have (she wants everything).  For example, tonight at dinner, she decided she wanted my fork.  She was losing her mind over it.  There were tears, snot and the works.  I gave her a spoon but she just threw it in the floor.  I finally distracted her with some orange slices, but it was rough. Teaching her that when we say no, we mean it will be an ongoing battle I’m sure.

One thing she has learned though, is that she can’t chew on our iPhones.  Since she knows this, she has made a game out of it.  She likes to play with them if you leave the screen on and we’re fine with that (although she has made a few accidental phone calls from mine) as long as she doesn’t put it in her mouth.  If you’re watching her, she’ll start to put it in her mouth and start laughing until you tell her no.  Repeat a thousand times.  It’s so cute!

Food:  Pretty much the same.  She eats what we eat and she (usually) likes it.  I’m in a bit of a rut with lunch food for her and need to find some recipes for things.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to offer her breakfast every day (we have done it some, but she hasn’t seemed interested) and hope that she’ll decide to start eating it regularly.  Also, I’m going to give her peanut butter this month.  I’m excited to introduce her to the deliciousness that is peanut butter.  I got some peanuts, roasted them and made some PB with a little bit of sea salt.  Yum!

Breastfeeding:  The same.  5 times a day.  However, nights when she has trouble sleeping, she seems to nurse at least 1 extra time, sometimes 2.

Movement and motor skills:  She is into everything.  She’ll take off down the hall and dart into a room before I can catch her.  Typically, she only does that if she’s following us, but sometimes she just decides to go for it.  She’s also developed this weird crawl where she has one foot flat and uses her other knee.  It looks funny, but I think it’s because she wants to stand up.  She has pulled up to a stand a few times, but not too much.  She seems more interested in trying to stand without holding onto anything which terrifies me!

Communication:  As I said before, she is very vocal with her likes and dislikes.  She hasn’t really learned any new syllables, but I think she’s starting to understand dada and mama.  She still says them at random things, but I think when she says them to us, she knows what she’s saying.  She has, however, started making so many new fun sounds.  I can’t describe them, but she is constantly babbling away to herself.  I have a feeling we’ve got a talker on our hands.

Sleeping:  It’s been a rough month in the sleep department.  I’ve been at a loss for what to do.  Part of it was teething (that cold I talked about last time…not a cold.  It was teeth), weather changing, separation anxiety, etc,.  She has been waking up and will fall asleep the second I pick her up.  Then she’ll wake up the second I put her down.  There were many nights when I caved and just climbed into the recliner so we could both get some sleep.  I honestly think she might have been getting cold though–I changed her into new pajamas (pants, shirt, socks, fleece sleeper) and since I did that she has slept from 7-4:30, nursed, then til 6:30.  That’s been for 2 nights, so my fingers are crossed that she’s figured out the whole sleep thing again.  Naps are the same, but I’m going to try and cut out her 3rd nap soon.

Teeth:  She has 6 (2 on bottom, 4 on top)!  She got 4 teeth in about 2 miserable weeks time.  It was terrible but we survived.  No child should have to get 4 teeth at once.  Now, however, her top eye teeth and the next 2 on the bottom are a little swollen.  There is no end to teething!  Having all these teeth has really helped her eat, though.

It has been an amazing month!  I can’t wait to see what this month brings for our little goofball.



This kid loves empty boxes.



Playing peek-a-boo in the bathtub.





She has been obsessed with the leaves falling.



On an afternoon walk with Mom’s water bottle.



Waving at everyone at the grocery store.



Watching a squirrel on the deck.



Fascinated by the dryer.



In her Halloween costume–a spider!





Helping Daddy fix the plumbing.




18 Oct

Chloe is dealing with her first cold.  I suspect it could be because of teeth or just allergies, but we had a rough night last night.  She finally fell into a deeper sleep around 3:45, only to get up at 4:30 to nurse.  She thankfully fell back to sleep and slept until 7.  I’ve taken some friends advice and done a few things to help her sleep tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We both need the rest.  


Pictures as promised:ImagePlaying with Dad’s water bottle before breakfast.

Image“Reading”.  (It’s obviously laundry day here)

ImageHelping Mom with the laundry.

ImageTrying to eat Dad’s trombone case.

ImageAt Nana’s 50th birthday party!

ImageShe is obsessed with the dishwasher.

ImageShe loves being outside.

ImageRipping up all of Daddy’s magazines.

ImageTime to get those crib rail covers.

ImageSo serious.



This girl loves her baths!

On the Move!

25 Sep

Things are changing so fast at the Mullins’ household!  I’ll go more into depth when I do her 9 month update, but this little girl is on the move!  It’s slow going, but she’s going further and further everyday.  (I really need to baby proof.)

Here are some photos from the past few weeks.


We got a swing from the front yard and she loves it.  She doesn’t look that enamored here, but I promise she is. 




We had our first play date with the adorable Lily!  Lily was born just three days after Chloe (on my birthday!) so it’s fun to watch them interact.  Chloe learned a lot from Lily, too.  The next day she started sitting herself up and is now on her way to crawling everywhere.



She is SO into books right now.  She picks them up and puts them in your hands and will whine until you read it to her.  Adorable.




Already ready for school, haha.


Crawling for Mom’s wallet.  (Obviously she’s going to have great expensive taste like her Mama.)  I gave her this in the car one day when she was inconsolable and now it is her favorite thing ever.  It’s the only the she cries for when you take it away.  I’m not sure what to do about this…Obviously, I can’t give my baby my Kate Spade.


Caught red handed with the phone!



And…caught red handed with the computer.


And with that, I’m off to baby proof so everything valuable doesn’t get destroyed!  

8 Months

7 Sep

Chloe is 8 months old today!  We celebrated by…doing what we do everyday. 

This month has seemed a lot like the previous month, but I think that month 8 is going to be a big one.  The one thing she started doing this month is giving me (and Hunter) “kisses”.  Sometimes, when I give her a kiss, she looks up, grabs my face with both hands…and licks me.  I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a kiss.  And it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  


Clothes: 9 months, but things with legs are almost too short (especially with her cloth diapers on). 

Weight:  Last time I weighed her it was 19.4 lbs.  I don’t know how accurate that is though. 

Height:  Tall.  Everyone who sees her comments on how tall she is.

Solid Food:  She’s recently really started eating.  For instance, today she had a whole cheese stick, 1/4 c of blueberries and 3-4 tbsp of greek yogurt.  Dinner was 4 broccoli florets, 1/3 c. of mac and cheese, 2 orange slices.  Sometimes she isn’t interested and will just throw food around.  The other day she decided it was easier to lick the food off her tray:


Sleeping:  The same.  There have been a couple of weird nights where she wakes up screaming hysterically and once I go in and pick her up for a second she goes back to sleep (teething, I think), but for the most part, still goes to sleep between 7-7:30 wakes up between 4:30-5 to eat and gets up at 6:30. Occasionally, she’ll get up way to early and it makes for a long day, but we survive.  Naps are the same.  

Breastfeeding:  Just the same except she did go through a week of biting.  It was only at her bedtime feeding, but it was intense.  She ended up falling asleep multiple nights without a full feeding.  I was worried but when I called the pediatricians office they told me it was totally normal if a baby was teething.

Teeth:  Still only 2!  I don’t know how it’s possible.  Poor thing has had some rough days this month.  Both her top two teeth and two more on bottom have almost made appearances.  

Movement:  Progress.  We aren’t crawling or scooting, but she is trying.  Now when she’s on her belly, she’s obviously trying to figure it out.  She’s started to push up on her arms a lot more and even tried to grab the railing of her crib the other day. If you put her on all fours, she can hold herself so I think she’ll figure it out soon.  She can pivot around on her belly now and is a lot more adventurous with her grabbing and lunging when she’s sitting up.  

Likes and dislikes are pretty much the same as last month!





Chloe Lately

31 Aug

Chloe is nearing 8 months and is becoming more fun every day!  I am so lucky to get to spend every day with her.  

ImageGetting ready to go to Jonesborough for a family lunch.  I love these jeggings!

ImageUp and ready to play (a little to early, I might add).  Her wakeup time keeps creeping earlier and earlier.

ImageNana got her some stacking cups that she loves!  She unstacks them and then cries for me to stack them back.

ImageEating kale and mushrooms with Mom and Dad.  I plan to do a post on how Baby-Led Weaning is going next week.  I’m so excited about it!

ImageWe finally made it to the park and played in the baby swings.  She loooooved it!

ImageI’m trying to make up for the tummy time I didn’t force on her.  She hates it, so I never made her stay there for too long.  Now she won’t crawl and I’m pretty sure that’s why.  

ImageOne way to get her to stay there for a few minutes with out turning over is to turn on Elmo.  Call me a bad parent, but I don’t think 3 minutes of Sesame Street is going to hurt her.  She giggles and smiles and it’s precious.