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10 Months

6 Nov

Chloe is 10 months old tomorrow!  Double digits!  She is getting so big.  I’m not sure how much she weighs but I’m guessing around 22 pounds.  

She has really begun to show her likes and dislikes.  If she wants something, she points both her arms at it and moves her legs like crazy.  If she doesn’t get it or if you take something she wants away, she cries SO LOUD.  You can typically distract her with something else, but there are some times when she in inconsolable.  I guess when I thought about parenting, I didn’t realize I would have to begin with discipline and things until she was a bit older.  Hunter and I are having to be really consistent about the things she can and cannot have (she wants everything).  For example, tonight at dinner, she decided she wanted my fork.  She was losing her mind over it.  There were tears, snot and the works.  I gave her a spoon but she just threw it in the floor.  I finally distracted her with some orange slices, but it was rough. Teaching her that when we say no, we mean it will be an ongoing battle I’m sure.

One thing she has learned though, is that she can’t chew on our iPhones.  Since she knows this, she has made a game out of it.  She likes to play with them if you leave the screen on and we’re fine with that (although she has made a few accidental phone calls from mine) as long as she doesn’t put it in her mouth.  If you’re watching her, she’ll start to put it in her mouth and start laughing until you tell her no.  Repeat a thousand times.  It’s so cute!

Food:  Pretty much the same.  She eats what we eat and she (usually) likes it.  I’m in a bit of a rut with lunch food for her and need to find some recipes for things.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to offer her breakfast every day (we have done it some, but she hasn’t seemed interested) and hope that she’ll decide to start eating it regularly.  Also, I’m going to give her peanut butter this month.  I’m excited to introduce her to the deliciousness that is peanut butter.  I got some peanuts, roasted them and made some PB with a little bit of sea salt.  Yum!

Breastfeeding:  The same.  5 times a day.  However, nights when she has trouble sleeping, she seems to nurse at least 1 extra time, sometimes 2.

Movement and motor skills:  She is into everything.  She’ll take off down the hall and dart into a room before I can catch her.  Typically, she only does that if she’s following us, but sometimes she just decides to go for it.  She’s also developed this weird crawl where she has one foot flat and uses her other knee.  It looks funny, but I think it’s because she wants to stand up.  She has pulled up to a stand a few times, but not too much.  She seems more interested in trying to stand without holding onto anything which terrifies me!

Communication:  As I said before, she is very vocal with her likes and dislikes.  She hasn’t really learned any new syllables, but I think she’s starting to understand dada and mama.  She still says them at random things, but I think when she says them to us, she knows what she’s saying.  She has, however, started making so many new fun sounds.  I can’t describe them, but she is constantly babbling away to herself.  I have a feeling we’ve got a talker on our hands.

Sleeping:  It’s been a rough month in the sleep department.  I’ve been at a loss for what to do.  Part of it was teething (that cold I talked about last time…not a cold.  It was teeth), weather changing, separation anxiety, etc,.  She has been waking up and will fall asleep the second I pick her up.  Then she’ll wake up the second I put her down.  There were many nights when I caved and just climbed into the recliner so we could both get some sleep.  I honestly think she might have been getting cold though–I changed her into new pajamas (pants, shirt, socks, fleece sleeper) and since I did that she has slept from 7-4:30, nursed, then til 6:30.  That’s been for 2 nights, so my fingers are crossed that she’s figured out the whole sleep thing again.  Naps are the same, but I’m going to try and cut out her 3rd nap soon.

Teeth:  She has 6 (2 on bottom, 4 on top)!  She got 4 teeth in about 2 miserable weeks time.  It was terrible but we survived.  No child should have to get 4 teeth at once.  Now, however, her top eye teeth and the next 2 on the bottom are a little swollen.  There is no end to teething!  Having all these teeth has really helped her eat, though.

It has been an amazing month!  I can’t wait to see what this month brings for our little goofball.



This kid loves empty boxes.



Playing peek-a-boo in the bathtub.





She has been obsessed with the leaves falling.



On an afternoon walk with Mom’s water bottle.



Waving at everyone at the grocery store.



Watching a squirrel on the deck.



Fascinated by the dryer.



In her Halloween costume–a spider!





Helping Daddy fix the plumbing.



Chloe Lately

31 Aug

Chloe is nearing 8 months and is becoming more fun every day!  I am so lucky to get to spend every day with her.  

ImageGetting ready to go to Jonesborough for a family lunch.  I love these jeggings!

ImageUp and ready to play (a little to early, I might add).  Her wakeup time keeps creeping earlier and earlier.

ImageNana got her some stacking cups that she loves!  She unstacks them and then cries for me to stack them back.

ImageEating kale and mushrooms with Mom and Dad.  I plan to do a post on how Baby-Led Weaning is going next week.  I’m so excited about it!

ImageWe finally made it to the park and played in the baby swings.  She loooooved it!

ImageI’m trying to make up for the tummy time I didn’t force on her.  She hates it, so I never made her stay there for too long.  Now she won’t crawl and I’m pretty sure that’s why.  

ImageOne way to get her to stay there for a few minutes with out turning over is to turn on Elmo.  Call me a bad parent, but I don’t think 3 minutes of Sesame Street is going to hurt her.  She giggles and smiles and it’s precious.

7 months!

16 Aug

Little Chloe turned 7 months old on the 7th and I’m just now getting around to writing her update.  Not too much has changed since her 6 month update, but she’s definitely learning and growing every day!

I weighed her on a home scale last week (weighed myself and then weighed me holding her) and she weighed 18.8 pounds.  I’m not sure how accurate that is, but there’s no doubt that she’s packing on the pounds.  I swear she gets longer every day.

  • Food:  She is doing great with Baby-Led Weaning.  Just in the past week or two she’s started really eating instead of simply inspecting her food.  She still isn’t eating a lot but she’s getting the hang of it.  So far she has had: banana (not a fan), sweet potato, apple, peach, pear, orange, melon, green pepper, brocolli, asparagus, spinach, kale, onion, tofu, greek yogurt, blueberry (her favorite), raspberry, strawberry, cheerios, puffs, lentil stew, soup beans, cornbread, mushrooms, toast with hummus, scrambled egg yolks, potatoes…and a few more that I’ve forgotten.  Her pincher grip is awesome now so she can eat small things now which makes it much easier for her to swallow.  BLW is exceptionally messy though!  Here are some pictures of the aftermath:







  • Sleep:  We recently, like…last week…dealt with what I’m now certain was a combination of a sleep regression and teething.  Girl would not sleep.  She was up more than she had been since her first couple weeks of life and wasn’t interested in going back to sleep.  Thankfully, I think it has subsided.  The past three nights have been back to “normal.”  Bed between 7-7:30, up between 4:30-5, back to sleep until 6:30ish.
  • Naps:  Naps are still touch and go.  I’ve accepted the fact that my baby doesn’t take long naps.  I read about all of these Mother’s who have babies that take 2 hour naps during the day.  What?!  I’ll occasionally get an hour out of her but most of the time its 30-45 minutes.  She still naps at 9, 12 and 3:15.
  • Breastfeeding:  Still going strong.  I have to say that I’m really proud that we’ve been able to keep it up for this long.  My goal was to make it to one year and we’re over halfway there.  We still haven’t decided how long we’re going to continue after that, but we’ll see.  It just depends on how interested she is at that point.  I have officially stopped pumping though.  Chloe never took a bottle and it was just getting frustrating.  Right now she’s just drinking water from her sippy cup, but eventually, we’ll try to get her to drink breastmilk out of it.  Then almond milk.  And then we haven’t decided if we’re going to do cow’s milk at all…. oh the woes of being semi-hippies (me) and crazy paranoid about chemicals (Hunter).
  • Teeth: She has her two bottom front ones and they are adorable.  She’s currently working on the top two on and off.  Hopefully they’ll come through soon.  Teething is no fun for anyone.
  • Mobility:  She can finally roll both ways.  Tummy to back and back to tummy.  She’s figured out that she can roll to get things, but rarely does it.  She’s gotten up on all fours a few times but honestly, she seems content to sit and play.  I see all these 6 month olds that are crawling and I get paranoid that she’s behind, but I know that every baby develops differently and I need to cherish this time because soon I’ll be chasing her all over the house.

Likes: Removing each toy from her basket one by one, cell phones of any kind (but iphones are the best), running with Mommy in the jogging stroller, drinking water out of her sippy cup, plastic cups, still loves Sophie the Giraffe, music, music by Fun, Gotye, Adele, Rihanna, etc,. (all of this much to her Father’s chagrin…I need to start playing a lot of classical stuff during the day so that he’s happy), being outside, rolling around, baths, yogurt, blueberries, when Daddy comes home, watching people brush their teeth, dogs (Dixie particularly), cats (Charlie), puffs.

Dislikes:  Getting her diaper changed, putting on clothes, going to bed, her 3:15 nap, being by herself for more than .2 seconds, getting wiped down after meals.

I have a great video of her giggling but can’t figure out how to post it into this (any wordpress users who can help me out??). But here are some pictures from the past few weeks:


Ready to run!


Hanging out at Stir Fry




Baby Led Weaning

10 May

I don’t have any pictures from today, but it was a fantastic day.  After an early wake up (3:30, ugh), we managed a long nap in my bed which was glorious.  Later, we had a delicious lunch, long walk and trip to the mall with my Mom.  I truly hope to be doing the same thing in 27 years with Chloe.

Okay, so tomorrow is Chloe’s 4 month appointment and I’m really nervous about it.  When I saw him at 3 months, he mentioned starting cereals at 4 months.  Hunter and I have done a ton of research and are committed to at least giving the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) route a try.  What this means is that we won’t be starting cereal for a while.

I’ve read the book (found here) and I’m going to take this space to regurgitate what I remember so that I’m prepared to discuss it with her pediatrician tomorrow.

In America, BLW typically means weaning your baby from breastfeeding/formula.  In the UK, it means introducing solids.  From what I understand, the two go hand in hand.  You introduce solids so your child is eventually weaned from breastfeeding.

What most pediatricians recommend is purees and different stages of foods that you introduce as your baby grows.  BLW acknowledges that breastfeeding in particular puts the baby in control of the feedings, as well as builds the muscles that a child needs to chew foods.  Therefore, by spoon feeding you are essentially force feeding your child and it can create negative associations with food and eating (if you know me, you know this is something I want to avoid at all costs).  Also, it isn’t necessary.  Breastfeeding has prepared little Chloe’s mouth for food!  Real food!

I’ll stop here and address some of the issues I’m used to defending:

  • choking: Before 12 months, a baby’s gag reflex is much, much closer to the front of their mouth.  If you notice when you put something in a baby’s mouth, they push it out with their tongue.  It’s a reflex to keep anything but a nipple (I just said nipple on my blog…ah.) out of it.  Gagging and choking are two totally different things.  She can gag; that’s just her getting the food out of her mouth.  It’s very unlikely that she will choke.  But just to be safe, we’ll brush up on our infant choking procedures.
  • not getting enough nutrition from food:  I’ll talk about it more in a minute, but essentially, babies don’t swallow much food in BLW until they are 8-9 months.  Some doctors will tell you that the stores of some nutrients that they built up during pregnancy have fun out, but breast milk can still provide all of those things.  As long as your baby is growing, she’s fine.  Food should be exploration and fun until 12 months.  Any nutrition they get from it is just a bonus.

It is also going to be so much easier than pureeing my own food (which was what I had planned before I learned about BLW).  She can eat what we eat!  I plan on starting with pieces of softer foods (avocado, banana, cooked broccoli, sweet potato, etc,.), but eventually just giving her some of whatever we are having and letting her go at it.  If she can grab it, she can eat it.

There are a few benefits here:

  • texture:  Chloe won’t have any issues transitioning to textured foods.  She’ll already be eating them.
  • flavor:  There’s no need to limit what foods we give her.  If she likes it, she’ll eat it.  If she doesn’t, she won’t.  As long as you don’t use salt (babies can’t tolerate much salt at this point), you’re golden.
  • family meal time:  Instead of one parent feeding Chloe while the other one eats, we can all eat together.  I’m looking forward to family meals and getting a head start on that will be awesome.
  • restaurants:  Chloe can pretty much eat off of our plate.

Anyway, this isn’t a very good rundown of it and if you’re interested, I suggest you read the book.  There’s also a few really great forums and Facebook groups about it.  LIke cloth diapering, it seems to fit our family best.  Also, let it be known that I’m not against some purees and spoon feeding if Chloe doesn’t take to BLW well.  All that is important is that it is working for her.

We plan on waiting until she begins to show signs that she’s ready (air chewing, focusing on us eating, grabbing at our food, etc.,) but hope to start around 6 months.

Hopefully typing all of this out has prepared me for our appointment tomorrow!  A lot of pediatricians are totally okay with it (and even encourage it) so hopefully ours will be on board.  Sorry for the lack of cuteness today–I’ll be back tomorrow with some pictures and her stats from the appointment!

Parenting Advice

20 Apr

Every new parent gets more than their fair share of parenting advice.  Sure, some of it is wanted but let’s be honest…most of it isn’t.  I tend to get a bit defensive about things and should probably just let people tell me what they want and then forget it.  But sometimes it feels disrespectful.  Yes, I’m only 27 and this is my first child, but we are her parents and we get to choose how we raise her.  I realize that some of our parenting methods aren’t necessarily traditional, but it’s what feels right to us!

Here are a few of the things that tend to pop up in conversation:

1.  The napping situation.  I get it.  I let my little, tiny, perfect baby sleep on me for the first month of her life and now it’s usually the only place she’ll sleep during the day.  Yes, this means my house is a mess and I don’t have a “break.”  I didn’t mess her up or create some kind of nap monster…she just likes her Momma.  Maybe it will be a problem later, but I’ll deal with it then.  I don’t particularly mind her napping on me most days.  She’s only going to be little for so long and I’m going to enjoy it.

2.  The diapers.  We covered that one yesterday.  

3.  Baby led parenting. I can’t tell you the number of people that have told me to get that baby on a schedule!  Apparently, my life will be so much easier, which I’m certain is true.  However, I don’t want to force my baby into a schedule that doesn’t fit her own internal clock.  So I’m simply paying attention to what she does naturally and will, when she’s a bit bigger, find a schedule that works for both of us.  And I’ll be flexible about it.

4.  The bottle dilemma.  Yeah, my baby won’t take a bottle.  The only problem with this is that I can’t really be away from her for a long time.  Again, who cares!  I’m lucky enough to get to stay home with her so it doesn’t create a problem. Maybe I waited too long to give her one, but maybe she just knows what she likes?  I think people get upset because they want to keep her and I get that.  They’ll just have to wait.  I’m fortunate that we haven’t had to supplement or anything so it hasn’t been an issue as far as her nutrition and growth goes, and therefore, it isn’t a problem.

5.  Baby led weaning.  I think that most of the time, people get confused because they don’t really understand what it is.  But telling me that my baby must have purees to learn to eat solids is really annoying.  I plan on doing a whole post about baby led weaning before we get to the six month mark and actually start doing it.  I’m actually really excited!

6. Raising my child as a vegetarian.  This is probably the most controversial and I’d actually like to hear other peoples opinions.  My defense about this is that we all grew up eating what our parents eat.  We don’t eat meat, and it seems only natural that we wouldn’t encourage our daughter to do something we don’t believe is good for us.  I’m crossing my fingers that when she is able to stay with other people, they will respect this and not try to give her things she wouldn’t have at home.  I should probably do a post on our thoughts behind our own vegetarianism just so people understand our reasoning, too. 

Let me say, however, that I do think that most of this unwanted advice comes from a genuine place of love and caring.  I’m sure that when Chloe is older, I’ll be doing the same thing.


Today, I’m totally using this space to vent so feel free to completely ignore this entire post! 

A picture as usual:


Today she fell asleep with her fingers in a her mouth and one finger up her nose. Hilarious.