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18 Oct

Chloe is dealing with her first cold.  I suspect it could be because of teeth or just allergies, but we had a rough night last night.  She finally fell into a deeper sleep around 3:45, only to get up at 4:30 to nurse.  She thankfully fell back to sleep and slept until 7.  I’ve taken some friends advice and done a few things to help her sleep tonight.  Keep your fingers crossed!  We both need the rest.  


Pictures as promised:ImagePlaying with Dad’s water bottle before breakfast.

Image“Reading”.  (It’s obviously laundry day here)

ImageHelping Mom with the laundry.

ImageTrying to eat Dad’s trombone case.

ImageAt Nana’s 50th birthday party!

ImageShe is obsessed with the dishwasher.

ImageShe loves being outside.

ImageRipping up all of Daddy’s magazines.

ImageTime to get those crib rail covers.

ImageSo serious.



This girl loves her baths!


9 Months!

11 Oct

Chloe turned 9 months old on Sunday.  It’s hard to believe that in 3 months she will be a year old (note to self:  start thinking about 1st birthday party).  This month has been full of change and development for our little girl.

Weight: 20.5 lbs (82%)

Height: 29 in (94%)

Head: 45 cm (85%)

As you can see, our tall, thin girl just keeps growing.  I’ll be interested to see if she ends up tall as she grows older or if it’s just for now.  Her Daddy is tall, so I’m guessing she will be taller than average.  

Her personality just continues to emerge more and more.  I thought we were going to have a serious one on our hands (there’s nothing wrong with that!) as it took a lot of theatrics to get a good laugh out of her.  Seriously.  Imagine Hunter bouncing her as high as he can while I jump up and down in front of her making silly noises and faces.  That’s what it took.  This month though, she laughed.  All. The. Time.  Mostly at me and Hunter, but occasionally at other people.  She giggles. She chuckles.  She snorts.  When I walk into her room to get her after a nap, she (usually) is sitting up at the corner of her bed next to her door waiting for me and starts laughing when she sees me.  Adorable.  There is nothing better than baby laughs and I’m going to try to get as many of them as I can before she turns into a toddler.

We also have recently retired the Whale of a Tub.  She takes baths in the big tub now and loves it!  She crawls around, tries to climb out to get me, splashes like crazy, and yesterday started putting her whole face under water and blowing bubbles.  I love it!

Food:  Chloe’s palette is ever-expanding. Her new favorites this month: spaghetti, enchiladas, pumpkin and black bean burritos, chili, BBQ tempeh and veggies, fritatta, mac and cheese with fennel and mushrooms.  As you can see, the fancier, the better.  Anything with a lot of flavor and spice is bound to be a winner.  At lunch I usually do plainer things…cheese, black beans, yogurt, blueberries (still a favorite)…or leftovers.  We’ve tried breakfast a few times, but she just doesn’t seem interested.  

Breastfeeding:  Still 5 times a day.  I suspect it will be like this (or maybe 4 sessions) until she’s one.  We’ve decided not to wean until she’s 2 (unless she weans herself earlier) so I’m not going to worry about it.  There’s something to be said for the health benefits (for both of us) and natural child spacing!

Movement and motor skills:  She started crawling 2 weeks ago and is into everything.  I’ve never seen anything cuter than her little fluffy bum crawling across the floor after me.  She’s just recently started following me around, making things like cleaning the floors interesting, but it’s adorable nonetheless.  Because she can crawl and get what she wants now, she is much better at independent play, allowing me to do a lot more.  She isn’t pulling up to a stand yet, but I think it will happen soon.  She pulls up to her knees all the time.

Communication:  Her wave is absolutely hilarious.  She doesn’t seem to know whether it’s hi or bye yet, but she will wave at you if you wave at her first.  She still says the same things, dada (her favorite to yell all the time), baba, nana, naynay, rayray, mama, yaya, etc,.  

Sleeping:  We hit a weird bump about a week ago, but things seem to be back to normal.  She woke up 4-8 times a night for about a week.  It was torture.  I have no idea why she did it, but I suspect it was where she was learning so many new things at once.  I also thought she was ready to go to a 2 nap schedule, but apparently not.  I talked to the doctor about it today and he said some babies just need 3 shorter naps and refuse to take only 2.  Chloe did it for two days, but she was pretty miserable.  I may revisit it in a few weeks, but for now, I’m going to let her keep her 3 nap schedule.  It makes getting out of the house a lot harder because we only have a 2 hour window to do things.  She still goes to bed at 7, which is awesome because I get to spend time with Hunter.

Teeth: Still 2!  This is getting ridiculous.  The doctor today said that her top two looked like they could come through at any time, but honestly, they have looked like this for 2 months.  We’ll see.

Social:  Chloe is experiencing some stranger anxiety, but it’s mild.  Hopefully it won’t get worse.  The doctor told me it might peak around 12 months, so we’ll see.  We also had another play date with Lily where Chloe proceeded to cry (scream, really) the entire time.  I felt bad, but it was obvious that her teeth were really bothering her.  Hopefully we’ll get to try again soon.

Likes: the dishwasher, paper, houseplants, kisses, hugs, music, dancing with mom, running in the stroller, dinner (usually), Charlie, bath time, remotes, my wallet.

Dislikes: diaper changes, putting clothes on, being in her crib if she isn’t sleepy, sitting up in the middle of the night.

Note: WordPress isn’t letting me upload photos for some reason, so I’ll do a picture post later this week or next so you don’t miss out on any of the cuteness!