On the Move!

25 Sep

Things are changing so fast at the Mullins’ household!  I’ll go more into depth when I do her 9 month update, but this little girl is on the move!  It’s slow going, but she’s going further and further everyday.  (I really need to baby proof.)

Here are some photos from the past few weeks.


We got a swing from the front yard and she loves it.  She doesn’t look that enamored here, but I promise she is. 




We had our first play date with the adorable Lily!  Lily was born just three days after Chloe (on my birthday!) so it’s fun to watch them interact.  Chloe learned a lot from Lily, too.  The next day she started sitting herself up and is now on her way to crawling everywhere.



She is SO into books right now.  She picks them up and puts them in your hands and will whine until you read it to her.  Adorable.




Already ready for school, haha.


Crawling for Mom’s wallet.  (Obviously she’s going to have great expensive taste like her Mama.)  I gave her this in the car one day when she was inconsolable and now it is her favorite thing ever.  It’s the only the she cries for when you take it away.  I’m not sure what to do about this…Obviously, I can’t give my baby my Kate Spade.


Caught red handed with the phone!



And…caught red handed with the computer.


And with that, I’m off to baby proof so everything valuable doesn’t get destroyed!  


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