Water Baby

20 Jun

Blogging fail.  I don’t see how people do it full time.  Perhaps if I was getting paid, I’d have a little incentive?  I promise I will try and do better so you guys don’t miss out on little Chloe’s life.

Since I last wrote, things have been mostly the same.  We’ve been having a few night time sleep issues (she wakes up and whines a lot, but I never have to go in there because she puts herself back to sleep) and naps are still irregular, but we’re surviving.  Anybody else have this happen?  She never cries but there is a lot of whining going on.  My Mom thinks she’s hungry, but I sort of feel like she wouldn’t go back to sleep if this was the case.  We’re trying to hold off on solids until she’s officially 6 months.  In like two weeks (!!!). We did give her a carrot to gnaw on the other day (uncooked, so she didn’t actually eat it), though.  She put it in her mouth (like she does with everything) and then made a really funny face.  I think she liked it though.

She can now roll to the left and the right from back to tummy, but not from tummy to back.  She’s tolerating tummy time better these days.  It’s still not her favorite activity, but we’re working on it.

She’s loving having her Daddy home for a month.  Seriously.  This girls face lights up when she sees him.  It’s precious.  

Here are some pictures from the last week:


High chair time!

We’re trying to get her used to sitting in it while we eat meals.  That way, once we do start solids, she’ll be ready.


Her new favorite way to sit in the stroller. Leg propped up.


Kiddie pool!

We tried this a couple of days ago and she hated it.  So… we put less water and let it sit out in the 90 degree heat all day and it was a hit!


New swim diaper!

Sticking with the cloth diaper route, we wanted to get one for her to swim in.  We ended up with this Charlie Banana one that is adorable.




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