Babbling Away

13 Jun

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but WordPress was acting crazy and wouldn’t work.  Everything seems to be back in order today.  I know you were all very thankful biting your fingernails in anticipation of my next post.

Things have been going on as usual around here.  Chloe’s nap schedule seems to be more solid and she’s made some fun developments over the weekend.  

She is now “speaking” in “syllables.”  Dadada, nanana, yayaya, and ray (?) have been flowing out of her mouth abundantly.  I guess this means that Hunter and Nana won that bet.  These aren’t her first words, though, right??  Obviously she doesn’t actually associate anything with them.  

She’s also rolling over all the time now.  But only to the left and only back to tummy.  I really wish she would learn to roll tummy to back so the screaming when on her tummy would stop.  

Also, she insists on putting herself to sleep at night.  It’s actually really funny because everyone was so adamant that I was creating a bad habit and spoiling her by rocking her to sleep all the time.  She decided that she was ready and is very serious about it.  I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little bit sad.  But my selfish cuddling agenda aside, I know this is a very important (and helpful) development.

She’s really like a little person now.  Jibber jabbing away and letting me know what she wants.  She’s becoming really interested in watching us while we eat, which means she’s getting ready for solid food!  I’m going to try and hold off until 6 months, but I’m excited to watch her experience real food.

Here are some pictures from the past few days:


She seems to have rekindled her love for Mr. Caterpillar.


Loves sitting in the recliner and eating the remote!


Hunter was trying to get a picture of her leg rolls.


She crosses her legs just like her Daddy.


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