Chloe vs. Mr. Caterpillar

6 Jun

Warning:  This post contains blurry, quite terrible iPhone pictures.  Also, it’s completely ridiculous.


Meet Mr. Caterpillar:


He looks innocent enough.  His bright colors and crinkly, squeaky segments have attracted Chloe’s attention from the start.

Meet Chloe:


She, too, seems innocent. 

Unfortunately, only one can survive.

Their relationship began early in her life.  She stared at him lovingly while he hung from her activity mat.  Her first sounds (other than dinosaur grunts) were directed at him.  I was sure it was love at first sight.

He hung over her, enduring her love swats and tugs.  When she pulled on him, trying to sit up, he held strong, supporting her baby rolls and pudge.

The time had come when Mr. Caterpillar needed to join the ranks of the other toys she throws around since Chloe had grow too big for the play mat.  She still had her eye on him though.

At first, she merely inspected him.  Making sure that he hadn’t suffered any trauma in the move.


He seemed just fine, but for some reason, Chloe’s love had turned to anger.

She pushed him off the tray.


Picked him back up.


Inspected his ears.


Ate them.


Then proceeded to try to eat him in entirety.




After about 30 minutes of such abuse, Mr. Caterpillar officially lost his luster.


And so ended their relationship.

We can only hope that her new friend, Mr. Owl, does not meet a similar fate.

Come back tomorrow for some sanity and Chloe’s 5 month update!


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