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Lemons and Limes

28 Jun

As Chloe approaches 6 months, she seems to be changing more and more every day.  It’s amazing to watch.  

We haven’t started her on solids yet–I’m trying to wait until the recommended six months (and I’m also trying to keep her a baby, haha)–but we have been giving her food items that she can’t really “eat” just to get her used to it.


Celery. She seemed to like this more than a carrot we gave her the night before.



Lime. This was hilarious. She just kept going back for more.

We’ve also given her a carrot, an apple slice and a lemon.  All were very entertaining.  If she could sit well unassisted, I would probably go ahead and start solids but she’s still working on that.  

She’s also decided that it should be tummy time all the time!  Well…sort of.  If you lay her down, she immediately rolls onto her tummy.  She’ll play for a bit, but then the screaming begins.  The good news is that she seems to like it a little better.  She plays and kicks her legs (getting ready to crawl??) until she lets us know that she’s done.





And then it ends like this


Hopefully she’ll learn to roll back over soon.  

She has also figured out how to scoot the bumbo around the floor to get where she wants to go.  She can only go backwards so it’s pretty funny to watch.  Even though she isn’t mobile really yet, I’m already having to watch her pretty closely.  While I was baking cookies today, she scooted herself over to a bag of potatoes and was taking them out one by one.  Sneaky little girl.  I fear I may have my hands full once she gets going.

Her favorite toy right now is my “happy spoon.”  Or any utensil from the kitchen.


And when I asked her how much she loved me, she said:


This much!!



Water Baby

20 Jun

Blogging fail.  I don’t see how people do it full time.  Perhaps if I was getting paid, I’d have a little incentive?  I promise I will try and do better so you guys don’t miss out on little Chloe’s life.

Since I last wrote, things have been mostly the same.  We’ve been having a few night time sleep issues (she wakes up and whines a lot, but I never have to go in there because she puts herself back to sleep) and naps are still irregular, but we’re surviving.  Anybody else have this happen?  She never cries but there is a lot of whining going on.  My Mom thinks she’s hungry, but I sort of feel like she wouldn’t go back to sleep if this was the case.  We’re trying to hold off on solids until she’s officially 6 months.  In like two weeks (!!!). We did give her a carrot to gnaw on the other day (uncooked, so she didn’t actually eat it), though.  She put it in her mouth (like she does with everything) and then made a really funny face.  I think she liked it though.

She can now roll to the left and the right from back to tummy, but not from tummy to back.  She’s tolerating tummy time better these days.  It’s still not her favorite activity, but we’re working on it.

She’s loving having her Daddy home for a month.  Seriously.  This girls face lights up when she sees him.  It’s precious.  

Here are some pictures from the last week:


High chair time!

We’re trying to get her used to sitting in it while we eat meals.  That way, once we do start solids, she’ll be ready.


Her new favorite way to sit in the stroller. Leg propped up.


Kiddie pool!

We tried this a couple of days ago and she hated it.  So… we put less water and let it sit out in the 90 degree heat all day and it was a hit!


New swim diaper!

Sticking with the cloth diaper route, we wanted to get one for her to swim in.  We ended up with this Charlie Banana one that is adorable.



Babbling Away

13 Jun

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but WordPress was acting crazy and wouldn’t work.  Everything seems to be back in order today.  I know you were all very thankful biting your fingernails in anticipation of my next post.

Things have been going on as usual around here.  Chloe’s nap schedule seems to be more solid and she’s made some fun developments over the weekend.  

She is now “speaking” in “syllables.”  Dadada, nanana, yayaya, and ray (?) have been flowing out of her mouth abundantly.  I guess this means that Hunter and Nana won that bet.  These aren’t her first words, though, right??  Obviously she doesn’t actually associate anything with them.  

She’s also rolling over all the time now.  But only to the left and only back to tummy.  I really wish she would learn to roll tummy to back so the screaming when on her tummy would stop.  

Also, she insists on putting herself to sleep at night.  It’s actually really funny because everyone was so adamant that I was creating a bad habit and spoiling her by rocking her to sleep all the time.  She decided that she was ready and is very serious about it.  I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little bit sad.  But my selfish cuddling agenda aside, I know this is a very important (and helpful) development.

She’s really like a little person now.  Jibber jabbing away and letting me know what she wants.  She’s becoming really interested in watching us while we eat, which means she’s getting ready for solid food!  I’m going to try and hold off until 6 months, but I’m excited to watch her experience real food.

Here are some pictures from the past few days:


She seems to have rekindled her love for Mr. Caterpillar.


Loves sitting in the recliner and eating the remote!


Hunter was trying to get a picture of her leg rolls.


She crosses her legs just like her Daddy.

Rolling Finally.

8 Jun

Of course, the day after I complain about her not rolling over, she rolls over.  She hasn’t managed tummy to back yet, but as of today, she is a rolling fool.  

I put her down to go to the bathroom and I suddenly heard her screaming bloody murder.  I ran in there and she was on her tummy!  She also was quite unhappy about it.  I scooped her up, told her how proud I was, kissed her all over and tried to get her to do it again.

And she did.  Over and over and over.  She also decided being on her tummy wasn’t all that terrible if she was the one to put herself there.  Before we know it, she’ll be crawling and I’ll be chasing her around.

She also decided that riding in the stroller like a big girl wasn’t so bad.  

Picture from today:


Hanging out with Daddy.

5 Months!

7 Jun


Today, Chloe is 5 months old.  This seems insane.  In one month, she will be half of a year old.  People always tell you that the first year goes by too fast and they are so right.  It’s corny, but it really does seem like it was just yesterday and she was a 6 lb 14 oz. blob of cuteness.

Chloe’s precious personality has blossomed this month and it’s so fun to watch.  She is hilarious and knows what she wants.  And isn’t shy about letting you know.  

Things she likes right now:

  • Placemats.  Specifically, the ones on the dining room table. They have a weird texture and it started as her just feeling them, but has now progressed to throwing them, eating them, smiling at them, etc,.  Hunter did a little photo shoot with his phone today:




  • Pajamas.  This has been going on for months now, but it’s still true.  When she sees her night gown, she grins from ear to ear.  Those legs start kicking and she starts breathing hard.  
  • Bedtime.  I guess it goes with the pajama thing, but it’s precious. Instead of getting super cranky before bed like a lot of babies, she gets really happy.  It’s your best chance at getting big laughs out of her.
  • Eating.  This girl loves to eat.  Around month 3, I was sort of scared that she wasn’t too happy about it, but she is now an eating (and growing) machine.
  • Going new places.  She loves to look around and see new things.
  • Being outside. If she’s upset, all you have to do is walk outside for a few minutes.
  • The jumparoo.  She figured out how to jump in it a couple of days ago and now she’s unstoppable.  
  • Grandpa and Nana.  They have a contest going about who she likes best, but she likes them equally.  
  • “Flying.”  If you make her an airplane, she will squeal.
  • Hearing herself talk.  This girl makes crazy noises.  She talks to her toys a lot, but the cutest thing is when she talks to herself.
  • Naked time.  This is easily her favorite time of the day.

Things she doesn’t like:

  • Naps.  Today was a good day, but usually she’s not the best napper.
  • Getting dressed.  You’d think I was poking her eyes or something.  Screams abound.
  • Tummy time.  She. Hates. It.  She hasn’t rolled over and it’s probably because she hates tummy time so much.  I put her down on her tummy every time I put her down to play, but it doesn’t last long.  The pediatrician told me not to worry about it, just to keep at it.  She’s about to sit up though, so I’m not too worried about the rolling over thing.  Any advice on getting her not to hate tummy time?
  • Being held with her head on your shoulder by anyone but me.  I think it’s because she napped on me for so long like this, but she isn’t happy unless it’s me.
  • Teething.  Poor baby.
  • Being in the stroller like a big girl.

Anyway, I had more pictures but my computer ate them.  Needless to say, this little girl is growing.  She is such a joy and I’m so glad I get to spend every day with her!

Chloe vs. Mr. Caterpillar

6 Jun

Warning:  This post contains blurry, quite terrible iPhone pictures.  Also, it’s completely ridiculous.


Meet Mr. Caterpillar:


He looks innocent enough.  His bright colors and crinkly, squeaky segments have attracted Chloe’s attention from the start.

Meet Chloe:


She, too, seems innocent. 

Unfortunately, only one can survive.

Their relationship began early in her life.  She stared at him lovingly while he hung from her activity mat.  Her first sounds (other than dinosaur grunts) were directed at him.  I was sure it was love at first sight.

He hung over her, enduring her love swats and tugs.  When she pulled on him, trying to sit up, he held strong, supporting her baby rolls and pudge.

The time had come when Mr. Caterpillar needed to join the ranks of the other toys she throws around since Chloe had grow too big for the play mat.  She still had her eye on him though.

At first, she merely inspected him.  Making sure that he hadn’t suffered any trauma in the move.


He seemed just fine, but for some reason, Chloe’s love had turned to anger.

She pushed him off the tray.


Picked him back up.


Inspected his ears.


Ate them.


Then proceeded to try to eat him in entirety.




After about 30 minutes of such abuse, Mr. Caterpillar officially lost his luster.


And so ended their relationship.

We can only hope that her new friend, Mr. Owl, does not meet a similar fate.

Come back tomorrow for some sanity and Chloe’s 5 month update!

Nap Time: Update

5 Jun

Last time I did a post on napping, we were…not napping.  

I’m happy to say that things have improved somewhat.  We’ve established some semblance of a schedule.  Ideally, she’ll nap at 9ish, 12:30ish and 3:30ish.  

This is where we run into a problem.  

Chloe naps best when she’s been up for about 2.5-3 hours.  Our schedule all depends on when she wakes up in the morning.  Sometimes it’s 5:15, sometimes it’s 7 (Usually it’s between 6 and 6:30).  The question is do I try to put her down at the same time everyday?  Or do I go by how long she has been up?  

Ideas, anyone? 

It seems like if I miss those times (9, 12:30 and 3:30), she sleeps for 10-15 minutes.  If I hit them almost exactly, she’ll take a real nap. 

Also, what do I do when she falls asleep in the stroller or in the car?  Does that mean we just skip formal “naptime”?  

This whole baby thing is so confusing.  At least we’re moving in the right direction.