29 May

This weekend was an adventure.  An adventure in when not to try to figure out some sort of napping schedule.  Seriously.  Don’t do it when your child is teething.  It will make both of you miserable.  

But we persevered.  I wouldn’t say any progress was made in the napping front (although today is looking promising–already had one 1h 15min nap!) and I’ll do an update on that situation once I have been a little more successful.

We spent a lot of time outside and with family and friends.  Here are some pictures to recap:


I went to run some errands and come home to find this…


I keep finding her in this position when I sit her up with the boppy. Thumb in mouth, bib in hand, giraffe in reach.


Dancing with Daddy. She is absolutely loving having Hunter home more since school is out.


Poor thing had a hard day yesterday (teething) and passed out after gnawing my hand off. Memorial day was just too much for her!

She also finally laughed at someone other than me!  My Dad got a chuckle out of her on Sunday and Hunter got one out of her yesterday.  Thank goodness.  I was beginning to think that I must just be really funny looking.  


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