Nap Wars

24 May

I’m in the midst of the Nap Wars 2012 so this will be brief.  Chloe has decided that naps are for losers and doesn’t want to take them.  She’ll go to sleep for 10 minutes or so and then wake up.  Does this mean that she just isn’t tired or ready for a nap?  I’ve been putting her down every 2 hours or so because she seems tired.  She rubs her eyes, yawns, her eyes glaze over, etc,.  Maybe she’s ready to start spacing them out more?

Because of our lack of naps yesterday, she was ridiculously overtired last night at bedtime and acted insane.  Like…sucking on my neck and babbling into my ear really loud.  Hilarious, yes.  But it stopped being funny after an hour of trying to get her to bed.


Here are a few pictures from yesterday:


Too many choices!


Hunter and Chloe playing with McDougal.


I later came downstairs to find Hunter asleep with the duck…haha.

And…she’s awake.


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