Amber Magic

21 May

This weekend was full of fun.  Friday, Grandpa came over for a visit and Chloe was actually in a great mood.  He snapped some pictures for us.


I didn’t post on Friday because Hunter and I went on a date!  Yes, I know it’s insane that I haven’t been away from her for 4.5 months, but it’s the truth.  Her not taking a bottle and not napping in her crib have kept me busy and needed.  Now that she’s got a pretty consistent bedtime (between 7 and 7:30), I felt confident that Hunter and I could get some much needed time together.  My Mom came and stayed at our house just in case Chloe did wake up.  I was nervous about how it would go if that happened since no one besides her Dad and I have ever put her down, but I’m sure it would be fine.  She stayed asleep the whole time and Hunter and I had fun.  It was weird and I was anxious to be away from her, but it’s something we’ve decided we need to do every couple of weeks.  Yay for date night!

On Saturday, we took Chloe to Racks by the Tracks–a BBQ and beer festival.  She was a champ and only had a meltdown at the very beginning.  I think it was too hot and the smoke from the BBQ smokers were getting in her eyes.  I ran over to a cooler place and walked around for a few minutes until she fell asleep and she stayed that way the rest of the time!


I seriously love my Ergo.  She was comfy and my back didn’t hurt at all carrying her around.  It’s a lot easier to navigate crowded places with it instead of a stroller.  Eventually, we had both had enough and went home to eat (her) and change clothes (me) because we were pretty sweaty.  Babywearing is so convenient (I’m going to try to do a post about my version of attachment parenting later on this week).

We went shopping with my Mom for a gift for my best friend.  She just finished her MBA and is a rock star!  So proud.  We wandered around the mall and Chloe was so interested in everything we passed.  I can remember just a month or so ago when she would just sleep through everything.  It’s so much more fun to be out with her now and watch her take things in.

On Sunday, we hung out outside while Hunter worked.  She loved sitting in her bumbo and was more interested in what Daddy was doing than any of the toys we brought outside for her.



This was also her first day wearing her amber teething necklace.  I honestly didn’t expect to see much of a change in my cranky kid, but was I ever wrong!  Her drooling was cut in half yesterday (we had been going through at least 4 bibs throughout the day) and she was chipper all day long.

But the biggest different was…


…she napped in her crib!  Not once, but twice!  And not for 5 or 10 minutes like I’d previously been able to get out of her.  Nope, these were real naps.  In fact, she’s been in there snoozing for an hour right now.

It could be a coincidence, but you better bet I’m never taking that thing off of her.  I know that I said that I didn’t care if she napped on me forever, but I was beginning to feel that it was time for her to be able to nap on her own so I could get a few things done.  It was so easy too.  I just put her in there, she looked at me, smiled, sucked her thumb for a few minutes and was out.  Amazing.  My girl is growing up.


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