5 Things I Don’t Want My Daughter to Get From Me

17 May

We all have those traits that we’d like to change.  But they’re just that…traits.  And are (usually unfortunately) a part of who we are.  I have learned to accept, love and laugh at my own flaws, but I’d rather Chloe avoid them altogether.  

1.  My fantastic driving ability.  I get this from my own Mother (although my profound ability to hit inanimate objects seems to be more pronounced–lets hope it doesn’t get worse each generation).  I managed to hit cars in my parents drive way more times than I’d like to admit.  Most recently, I got hit by a dumpster.  It left pretty little smurf blue marks on my car.  I’ve totaled two cars and maimed many. Needless to say, her father will be teaching her to drive.  Keep your fingers crossed that she inherits his slow speed, over aware and extra cautious driving skills.

2.  My lack of basic motor skills.  I broke my arm standing on a soccer ball.  I broke the other one riding my bike down a ramp with rails.  I fell down some stairs and broke my hip.  I fell upstairs into a doorknob and broke my face.  You’ll never find me without bumps and bruises.  This is one that drives Hunter particularly crazy.  He’s threatened to install Star Trek doors, bubble walls, and all other sorts of devices to keep me from injuring myself.  I don’t think it would matter though; I would still trip and fall.  She’s far too precious to end up black and blue like her Mommy.

3.  Not finishing things.  I have about 15 half finished scarves I’ve started crocheting.  I tend to get super excited about something and begin it in earnest.  Then I get bored.  Or I find something else to get super excited about.  Honestly, it’s amazing that I have kept up with this blog as long as I have.

4.  “Leslie piles.”  Hunter just came up with this one.  I have a bad habit of “cleaning” by stacking things in piles that look sort of organized, but once you begin to go through them you notice that they are usually piles of meaningless things.  Magazines, unopened mail, gum wrapper, birthday card from two years ago? Those things all belong in a pile on the counter, right?

5.  Ability to ignore mail.  I have no idea why or how I developed this skill but I’m a pro.  It’s caused some problems but it also leads to some awesome surprises on occasion.  Sometimes I’ll find $20 in a card but sometimes it will be a bill for $20.  Oops.

In other words, I want my daughter to be safe in a car, safe when doing everyday tasks, finish what she starts, be neat and open all her mail!  I guess I’m going to have to work on at least masking these things so she doesn’t pick up on them.

I’m planning on doing the same thing for traits Hunter has and then hopefully one about things I would like her to inherit.


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