Mother’s Day and a Mess in the Car

14 May

I had a very nice first Mother’s Day.  Chloe didn’t let me sleep in, but she and Hunter had some good presents ready for me after breakfast (hers, not mine).  I opened hers first–an adorable card with Cookie Monster on it that she signed herself, haha.  And some cordless phones for the house.  We finally got a home phone and I was refusing to use the old school phone Hunter had hooked up.  Hunter got me these:


Every new mom needs purple Toms, right?  I love them.

We hung out around the house and then went to my Mamaw’s for a late lunch.  Chloe played in Nana’s lap.


And played in the floor:


She and I are going to have to talk about the most lady like way to lay in the floor.  Girl loves to pick her dress up and eat it.

Today, it was just us girls again.  Nana came for a short visit and brought some new toys.  A tray for the Bumbo and a “book” for Chloe to eat read.

She wasn’t so sure about it at first.


Then she decided to read it.


But finally, she did what she really wanted to do…eat it.


After all of that fun, we made a trip to Kroger.  This is usually an easy trip.  It isn’t far, so I don’t have to worry about any breakdowns.  

This trip was different.

We made it to the store, got our groceries and got back in the car.  I noticed a little bit of traffic, but didn’t think anything of it.  Then we came to a stand still.

Being stuck in a car with a 4 month old when you aren’t moving is a recipe for disaster no matter what circumstances.  She was playing happily in the back seat, so I thought she might be okay.  But then I heard the noise that no parent wants to hear when stuck in traffic.  Her face got red and then I heard it.  A giant poop.

She’s not one to get all fussy over a dirty diaper so I thought we’d make it home without too much ado.  Boy was I wrong.  30 more minutes of not moving and she let me know that she was not happy.  But really, would you be happy to sit in your dirty diaper for 30 minutes?  I sure wouldn’t.

I let her cry for a bit, but then decided that since we hadn’t been moving, I might as well turn on my hazard lights and change it so we’d both be happier.  

I get her out of her car seat, start to change her diaper and of course, traffic started moving.  A few people honked, but I was able to get her safely back in her seat and get us on our way.

I guess I got a true taste of parenthood today.  It isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it.

At the end of the day, I got to see this:


and that’s all that matters.

P.S. I had written a beautiful Mother’s Day post out for my Mom and managed to accidentally delete it.  Sorry, Mom!  Just know that I get it now.  Being a Mom is hard work.


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