4 Month Checkup

11 May

Chloe’s doctor’s appointment went well today.  Other than it taking for.ev.er, that is.  I tried to plan it so she was fed and not sleepy, but we were there for so long that she was a cranky, sleepy baby.  She loves our pediatrician though and was just fine when he started checking her out.  

Her stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 9 oz. (84%)

Height: 25 in. (74%)

Head: 42.5 cm. (85%)

She was not very pleased about her 4 month shots and we had to spend a while calming her down before we left.  She was asleep before we put her in the car though.  Hopefully, she’ll do as well with these as she did at 2 months (just a little fever the next day).  

The doctor looked at me funny when I told him we were planning on doing Baby Led Weaning, but he seemed to be on board.  He just explained that she would still need all of her nursing sessions until she gets the hang of feeding herself.  I knew that, though.

He also confirmed my suspicion that she is, in fact, teething.  

Anyway, her shots wore me out just as much as her.  Off to enjoy the evening!

(P.S. I am completely aware that her hair is sticking straight up in all the following pictures.  It has a mind of its own and won’t lay down no matter what I do.)








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