4 Months!

7 May

It’s hard to believe that my little girl is 4 months old today.  That’s a third of a year!  She’s practically already off to college…ugh.  


Long gone are the newborn days of crying for seemingly no reason (thank goodness), falling asleep anywhere and (I’m just crossing my fingers on this one) being up all hours of the night.  Hello to fake crying when she wants my attention (adorable but LOUD), seriously fighting naps and sleep in general, new developments everyday, and smiles that make your heart melt.

This weekend was pretty standard: lots of walks, naps, grocery shopping and fun.  

We took her outside to see what she thought about grass.


Not sure what to think.

She didn’t hate it, but she wasn’t thrilled either.  Mostly, she wanted to pull it out of the ground with her super strong grip.  She’s also developed a mean pincher (pointer finger and thumb) and will pinch you if you’re not careful.

We also put her in the stroller without her car seat for the first time.


She wasn’t really a fan.  She cried for the entire walk back from Mom and Dad’s house.  It might’ve just been the heat but I’m going to try again soon.

Her night time sleep has been fantastic for about 4 days.  8-6 every night, but I’m going to say we’re over the hump yet!  I’d like to think we hit the infamous 4 month sleep regression early, but I know I’d only eat my words.

As far as updates on her weight and height, etc,. I won’t have them until Friday after her 4 month appointment (and shots, ugh).

We celebrated today by hurrying to get ready this morning and going to see Hunter’s spring concert at school.  I was worried it would be to loud, but she did so well!  No crying and only a little jumping when there was a loud drum or something.  

And please forgive all the iPhone pictures…my computer has suddenly decided not to recognize the picture uploader for our camera.  It has also decided that to delete the email program.  Anybody else with a Mac have this problem??


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