Black Out or Not?

4 May


Chloe slept for over 10 hours straight last night.  Thank goodness.  Seriously.  I was thrilled when I looked at the clock to realize that not only had she slept all night, I hadn’t woken up to check.  Sleep is amazing.

So thank you for all of your advice.  I do think she’s starting to teeth (I felt around in there and there was a little swelling) and I also think she’s started to learn some new tricks, which is probably all messing with her sleep patterns.  I’m going to get an amber teething necklace and see how that works for us.  

With both of us well rested, we had a good day.  No wars were fought.  Only a few tears were shed.  We played, she napped, we laughed, we went on two walks.  Life is good.

In other news, this happened today.


Napping in her crib!

Granted, it only lasted for 20 minutes, but still.  That’s a win in my book.

Anyway.  My current parental dilemma is whether or not to get black out curtains for the nursery.  Hunter has always said that she will probably go to sleep and wake up with the sun, and I’m beginning to think he is right.  She’s been pushing her bed time (was 7) back a little bit everyday.  And I think it might be because it’s light outside.  Same thing in the morning.  On the one night(s) we are getting sleep, she keeps waking up a little bit earlier and it seems to line up with the sunrise.

Since we’re trying to do most things naturally with her, it would seem that I should just let this happen.  But I’m leaning toward having some more stability with her sleep, at least at night.  I also suspect that it also might help with nap times.  I know everyone says that your kid should be able to nap anywhere, with any kind of noise, but I feel like I should protect her sleep.  Provide a quiet, dark place for her to get the rest she needs.  Isn’t that when babies brains make all those important connections? 

I’m torn because in most of the aspects of her life, I want things to happen as they should, as they would naturally.  It’s like the whole epidural thing.  I didn’t want one.  I went 9 hours with out one.  Then I gave in (thank goodness, but we’ll get into that later when I get to writing Chloe’s birth story).  I felt so guilty about it though.  

I guess what this really gets at is that we have to let go of our expectations as parents and not be so hard on ourselves when our “method” might not be working as planned.  

Some cuteness to make your day better:


Getting the hang of the jumparoo at Nana’s.


Must be able to see feet at all times!



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