Daddy’s Girl

27 Apr

There’s no denying that Chloe is going to be a Daddy’s girl.


Taking her to the nursery right after she was born.

From day one, he has been her “protector”.  He literally wouldn’t let anyone else hold her until she was a couple of weeks old.  I dubbed him “Baby Fort Knox” at that point.


3 days old!

When she was still tiny and cried all the time, putting her in his arms would immediately quiet her down. He went from Fort Knox to the baby whisperer.


There are days when she’s supercrank all day long but as soon as Daddy comes home, she’s all smiles!  What is it about daughters and their Daddy’s?  As a serious daddy’s girl myself, I think it’s just an indescribable bond that is different than any other.

One of the things Hunter always teases me about from high school is calling my Dad during C Block band and saying “Daddydaddydaddy” and him bringing us food, etc,.  He always swore she wouldn’t be able to pull that one over on him but I think now he understands why my Dad was (and still is) the most likely to do the things I want.  He loves me like no other (and I love him, too!).  I can’t wait to watch her get Hunter wrapped around her little finger.


My Dad, brother and I at Easter 1985

I, like Chloe, was already a Daddy’s girl at this point!


Chloe smiling at her Daddy after crying for me on Easter.

Watching your husband become a father is like falling in love all over again and watching Hunter fall in love with Chloe is probably the most precious thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Straight into Daddy's arms when he gets home from work.

I know that if their relationship is anything like the one I have with my Dad, it will be unbreakable, joyful and incredibly rare.


With our thumb and our blanket, ready for bed.

Now…go hug your Daddy!


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