The Sleepy Baker

23 Apr

Our weekend was spent like most others–sleeping, crying, going for walks, grocery shopping, cuddling, pooping…some of us more than others.



Chloe is still trying her hardest to roll over.  She got her shoulders over yesterday but wouldn’t kick her leg to get the rest of her body over.  I actually think she is perfectly capable of doing it, but hates tummy time so much that she refuses to self-inflict such pain and suffering.  We’ll see.  Every time she almost gets there we hover over her with the camera.  Maybe we’re freaking her out with our enthusiasm.

Today has been full of a lot of this:


and this:


For about 4 hours today, she’s wanted to eat on one side, sleep, wake up crying, eat, sleep, etc,.   Either she had a party last night without us knowing or is hitting a growth spurt.  Or maybe the cold weather made her want to be lazy?  Anyway, there has been a lot of sleeping.  She’s asleep now, in fact.

In between sleeping, we have baked.  We made fig newtons a la Eat, Live, Run and blueberry walnut bread a la Daily Garnish. Chloe is a great cooking partner.  I can just throw her in the Moby wrap and go at it.  She likes to watch my hands and the mixer as we go and anything with color (like blueberries) fascinate her.  I hope that as she gets older she still enjoys cooking with me (and hopefully she won’t inherit my Mom’s ability to burn the bread 🙂 ).


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