Daddy’s Home and the Drool Monster

16 Apr

After a couple of days on our own, Chloe and I were very glad to have Dad back at home.


(Please excuse the stack of unfolded diapers that may or may not still be there.)

We went on a long walk and came back to discover a very hot baby.  We stripped off her clothes and hung out in the bed with the fan on until she was nice and cool.  I forsee a lot of diaper-only time this summer.  

Just like her Mom and Dad, Chloe loves being outside!  I didn’t get any pictures of her, but I will.  If she’s really upset, you can take her outside and she’ll usually stop crying once she feels the fresh air.

I took a lot of pictures of her playing on her activity mat yesterday, but this one has to be my favorite.


You can see how intent she is on holding on to her toy.  You can also see how she’s holding on to her blanket for dear life.  She loves to lay there and wriggle around with that blanket.  It’s hilarious, but I’m glad it’s really thin because she likes to get it up over her face.  

Also, we’ve had to start putting bibs on her everyday.  Image

She is a drool monster!  It gets everywhere and soaks completely through her clothes.  Who know babies could produce so much spit!


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