The Boppy Strike

12 Apr

I’m sitting on the toilet as I write this.  And no, it’s not the normal “I must hide in the bathroom to get any privacy” (although I totally do that); it’s because it’s the only place I can get Chloe to sleep during the day other than on my shoulder.  


Normally, she takes a nap here when I’m taking a shower, but that’s it.  I have to run the water until she falls asleep and run the fan the entire time–not very economical.  It also stinks because I have to stay in the bathroom the whole time.  She won’t fall asleep if she’s strapped in her chair and shes so close to rolling over.  We don’t want her first time to smack her right into the tile floor.  I also can’t get the monitor in here.  Oh well.  At least it’s quiet.

You see, the past two hours or so have been spent wrangling her into a comfortable position (for both of us) to nurse.  Apparently, today she decided to go on The Boppy Strike.  

Boppy’s are a magical pillow that every breastfeeding mother needs.  Your arms are free to do things like eat, read, play on your phone, etc., and baby can eat comfortably.  Holding a baby to your chest can wear you out fast and having something to take that burden away from you is amazing.  Up until this point, Chloe hasn’t had any issues with the boppy.  Plop her down on it and she goes at it like a champ.  Today, however, has been a fight.  Every time I lay her down on it, screaming ensues.  Maybe she’s to big for it now and I just need to suck it up and hold my almost 15 pound baby all the time?

For now, I’m going to let her nap in her chair in the bathroom and try to strategize ways to remedy this situation before I see a group of babies picketing Boppy’s in my front yard.



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