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30 Apr

This weekend was a blast.  Saturday, we had a little beer brewing party and had some of our friends over.  It was the first time Chloe has been old and aware enough to really interact with people.  She was a champ and didn’t fuss at all.


Hanging out in the Moby.

 She giggled and smiled and talked to everyone.  


Uncle Jeremy and Chloe

When she was still in the newborn stage and fussy all the time, it was really hard for me to enjoy having company.  It was fantastic to be able to be myself and socialize!  However, Chloe was a little too excited and had a tough time going to bed.  I finally got her down around 8:30 and was able to rejoin the party.

I definitely paid for it.  Staying up late when you have to get up with a baby and don’t have the luxury of sleeping in isn’t the brightest idea ever, but it was fun.  I’m sure I’ll catch up on sleep in 18 years soon.

We also got her ready for some time outside in her sunglasses.


I was surprised that she didn’t hate them.

Sunday, Hunter and I went and had lunch out.  We sat outside and it was fabulous.  If you can’t tell, I’ve been too anxious to take her out much (because of the crying) and am so relieved that I can resume a semi-normal life again without worrying about breakdowns all the time.  I know there will be times when she loses it when we’re out, but for the most part, she’s a very happy baby now.

It’s so weird how I truly can’t imagine life before this little girl.  Everything we do is so much better with her around and everyday is full of enormous amounts of joy.


Daddy’s Girl

27 Apr

There’s no denying that Chloe is going to be a Daddy’s girl.


Taking her to the nursery right after she was born.

From day one, he has been her “protector”.  He literally wouldn’t let anyone else hold her until she was a couple of weeks old.  I dubbed him “Baby Fort Knox” at that point.


3 days old!

When she was still tiny and cried all the time, putting her in his arms would immediately quiet her down. He went from Fort Knox to the baby whisperer.


There are days when she’s supercrank all day long but as soon as Daddy comes home, she’s all smiles!  What is it about daughters and their Daddy’s?  As a serious daddy’s girl myself, I think it’s just an indescribable bond that is different than any other.

One of the things Hunter always teases me about from high school is calling my Dad during C Block band and saying “Daddydaddydaddy” and him bringing us food, etc,.  He always swore she wouldn’t be able to pull that one over on him but I think now he understands why my Dad was (and still is) the most likely to do the things I want.  He loves me like no other (and I love him, too!).  I can’t wait to watch her get Hunter wrapped around her little finger.


My Dad, brother and I at Easter 1985

I, like Chloe, was already a Daddy’s girl at this point!


Chloe smiling at her Daddy after crying for me on Easter.

Watching your husband become a father is like falling in love all over again and watching Hunter fall in love with Chloe is probably the most precious thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Straight into Daddy's arms when he gets home from work.

I know that if their relationship is anything like the one I have with my Dad, it will be unbreakable, joyful and incredibly rare.


With our thumb and our blanket, ready for bed.

Now…go hug your Daddy!

Miss Independent

26 Apr

Much better day here.  Perhaps the fact that Chloe slept from 7:00-4:15 and then from 4:30-7:15 helped a bit.  I guess yesterday wore her out, too.  The post I had planned for today is delayed a bit, but hopefully someone (ahem…Mom and Dad) will get me some pictures sometime soon.

Today, we had a truly miraculous event occur.  Chloe was getting really fussy around nap time, so I put her on my shoulder and climbed into the glider…our usual nap time ritual.  Only this time, it didn’t work.  She cried harder.  After a few minutes, I decided to lay her down in her crib and go get a drink of water since it seemed like we’d be there for awhile.  I came back into her room to find her silent, sucking her thumb and almost asleep.  I stopped in my tracks, terrified that a squeak in the floor would wake her.  I watched with shock and awe as her eyes slowly shut and her thumb fell out of her mouth.

She had fallen asleep during the day.  In her crib.  By herself.

For almost 4 months, I’ve had to rock her to sleep and then hold her for the duration of her naps.  That’s a lot of time when you consider that she takes a nap at least every two hours.

She stayed asleep for half an hour and what did I do?  Did I clean the house or prep for dinner?  Did I get a little workout in or load the dishwasher?  No.  I pretty much stared at her, too scared to move.  If this keeps happening, hopefully I’ll feel more sure that she’ll stay asleep and be able to do something productive.  But for that half hour, I thought about how bittersweet this moment was.

Maybe I’m making too much of it (okay, I know I am), but it felt like her telling me that she was ready.  She didn’t need me to help her get to sleep or cuddle with her to keep her there.  What’s next?  Prom?  College?  Ugh.  Babies grow up too fast.

The past few months of always being with her during nap time has been trying, but it’s also been really sweet.  While I’m very glad she’s learning to do some things on her own, I’m a little sad about it too.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…it was one nap.  She’s known to do something once and then never do it again.

After that, we went to the library to see Nana and visit all the lovely people there.  She got to meet Brianne, who has a little girl that is only 3 days younger than her (born on my birthday!).  The library was a bit warm though and she got tired of it pretty fast.

Today, I thought I’d share a picture of itty bitty Chloe because I think she’s growing way too much already and I want her to be small again!



You had a Bad Day

25 Apr

It’s been a trying day here at the Mullins residence.  It must’ve worn her out too because she was in bed at 7 instead of 7:30.  Hopefully that won’t mean we’re going to have a long night!  Rather than complain about it, I’ll leave you with some cute pictures (and go crawl in the bed).  If Chloe cooperates, I have a fun post in the works for tomorrow.


Playing with a toy in the bumbo.



I swear this girl smiles on all the time, just not for the camera.


A few weeks ago...


I should've known she had it in for me today when she started making this face this morning.

Discovery and Babywearing

24 Apr

Yesterday, we bundled up and went on a walk despite the change in temperatures.


Her sleepy owl hat almost doesn’t fit anymore and it really made me realize how quickly she is growing. It’s sort of hard to believe that she has more than doubled in size in the past 3 months.

Anyway, Hunter strapped her in the Ergo and we were on our way.

Side note: If you have a small child or are pregnant, get one of these.  They aren’t that much more expensive than other carriers and have been a life saver.  Not only does she love it, it’s also one of the few carriers designed so that your baby is in a natural seated position and helps prevent hip dysplasia from developing (see articles here and here).  Ours is so comfortable.  It doesn’t hurt my back and I feel like she’s safe and secure in there.  Hunter loves it, too.  And you can use it until they are much older, unlike a lot of carriers.

Normally, she goes to sleep within 5 minutes in that things, but yesterday she was alert and interested in everything around her.  If a car went by, she watched it.  She had her eye on some birds and the dogs made her smile.  I’m so excited to watch her explore the world and to introduce her into the things I loved growing up.  I do, however, hope her mud pies are more tasty than mine and that she doesn’t try to pick leaves out of a hornet’s nest.

She’s also discovered that she can chew on toys.  I caught her trying her hardest to get her Sophie in her mouth this afternoon:


She eventually got it there, chewed on it for a second and then dropped it.  I guess she needs some practice.

The Sleepy Baker

23 Apr

Our weekend was spent like most others–sleeping, crying, going for walks, grocery shopping, cuddling, pooping…some of us more than others.



Chloe is still trying her hardest to roll over.  She got her shoulders over yesterday but wouldn’t kick her leg to get the rest of her body over.  I actually think she is perfectly capable of doing it, but hates tummy time so much that she refuses to self-inflict such pain and suffering.  We’ll see.  Every time she almost gets there we hover over her with the camera.  Maybe we’re freaking her out with our enthusiasm.

Today has been full of a lot of this:


and this:


For about 4 hours today, she’s wanted to eat on one side, sleep, wake up crying, eat, sleep, etc,.   Either she had a party last night without us knowing or is hitting a growth spurt.  Or maybe the cold weather made her want to be lazy?  Anyway, there has been a lot of sleeping.  She’s asleep now, in fact.

In between sleeping, we have baked.  We made fig newtons a la Eat, Live, Run and blueberry walnut bread a la Daily Garnish. Chloe is a great cooking partner.  I can just throw her in the Moby wrap and go at it.  She likes to watch my hands and the mixer as we go and anything with color (like blueberries) fascinate her.  I hope that as she gets older she still enjoys cooking with me (and hopefully she won’t inherit my Mom’s ability to burn the bread 🙂 ).

Parenting Advice

20 Apr

Every new parent gets more than their fair share of parenting advice.  Sure, some of it is wanted but let’s be honest…most of it isn’t.  I tend to get a bit defensive about things and should probably just let people tell me what they want and then forget it.  But sometimes it feels disrespectful.  Yes, I’m only 27 and this is my first child, but we are her parents and we get to choose how we raise her.  I realize that some of our parenting methods aren’t necessarily traditional, but it’s what feels right to us!

Here are a few of the things that tend to pop up in conversation:

1.  The napping situation.  I get it.  I let my little, tiny, perfect baby sleep on me for the first month of her life and now it’s usually the only place she’ll sleep during the day.  Yes, this means my house is a mess and I don’t have a “break.”  I didn’t mess her up or create some kind of nap monster…she just likes her Momma.  Maybe it will be a problem later, but I’ll deal with it then.  I don’t particularly mind her napping on me most days.  She’s only going to be little for so long and I’m going to enjoy it.

2.  The diapers.  We covered that one yesterday.  

3.  Baby led parenting. I can’t tell you the number of people that have told me to get that baby on a schedule!  Apparently, my life will be so much easier, which I’m certain is true.  However, I don’t want to force my baby into a schedule that doesn’t fit her own internal clock.  So I’m simply paying attention to what she does naturally and will, when she’s a bit bigger, find a schedule that works for both of us.  And I’ll be flexible about it.

4.  The bottle dilemma.  Yeah, my baby won’t take a bottle.  The only problem with this is that I can’t really be away from her for a long time.  Again, who cares!  I’m lucky enough to get to stay home with her so it doesn’t create a problem. Maybe I waited too long to give her one, but maybe she just knows what she likes?  I think people get upset because they want to keep her and I get that.  They’ll just have to wait.  I’m fortunate that we haven’t had to supplement or anything so it hasn’t been an issue as far as her nutrition and growth goes, and therefore, it isn’t a problem.

5.  Baby led weaning.  I think that most of the time, people get confused because they don’t really understand what it is.  But telling me that my baby must have purees to learn to eat solids is really annoying.  I plan on doing a whole post about baby led weaning before we get to the six month mark and actually start doing it.  I’m actually really excited!

6. Raising my child as a vegetarian.  This is probably the most controversial and I’d actually like to hear other peoples opinions.  My defense about this is that we all grew up eating what our parents eat.  We don’t eat meat, and it seems only natural that we wouldn’t encourage our daughter to do something we don’t believe is good for us.  I’m crossing my fingers that when she is able to stay with other people, they will respect this and not try to give her things she wouldn’t have at home.  I should probably do a post on our thoughts behind our own vegetarianism just so people understand our reasoning, too. 

Let me say, however, that I do think that most of this unwanted advice comes from a genuine place of love and caring.  I’m sure that when Chloe is older, I’ll be doing the same thing.


Today, I’m totally using this space to vent so feel free to completely ignore this entire post! 

A picture as usual:


Today she fell asleep with her fingers in a her mouth and one finger up her nose. Hilarious.